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  • Modern luxury decor - Transform your space with height and texture for the ultimate Nordic, Boho chic, Luxury interior feel. Extra tall stems with generous plumes are perfectly suited to tight necked tall vases and stand-alone floor vases.

  • Low Maintenance - Lasting 2-3 years, dry pampas are perfect for styling darker corners and creating stunning statement pieces with no watering or maintenance required. None seasonal, so you can enjoy your pampas all year round. Save money on repeatedly refreshing your fresh flowers over time.

  • 100% Natural Blond - Natural undyed fluffy feathery golden plumes with Peach/Grey undertones. Each stem is uniquely beautiful, perfect to feature in a display- or even a grass wreath or Pampas cloud. High quality, no chemicals, and dried at source, so no nasty smells! Phew :-)

  • Clear & Honest Care Instructions. - We’re experts in styling pampas and are honest about what to expect. These delicately preserved grasses have been carefully dried and stored to allow you to restore them to their true fluffy glory. Please expect some plume shedding when removing from packaging and in prep. Don't be alarmed, it’s normal and won’t affect the end product quality. Just be sure to follow our simple care guide -inside the box- to ensure there is no shedding once positioned!

  • Arrives in packaging with a double layer of protection to help ensure the pampas arrive in the best quality. We only source from top-grade farmers and all produce is quality tested, however, should any product become damaged in transit or not meet your quality expectations please email us and we'll put it right straight away.

3 Dried Pampas Stems

Color: Beige
  • 43.31 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches
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